Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cuskie Boutique

Another great site to do your holiday shopping. It has great clothes, bags and accessories. Although not designer, look stunning at great prices.They are sporting some fabulous gowns and tops. They also have gift cards that range from $20 to $200. So if you go to the site and cannot make up your mind on which fabulous buy to give as a gift, why not leave it to the person to make the choice by giving them a Cuskie gift card (sure makes your job easier). One thing though is that Canadians are not included in the shipping provision, so sorry not Cuskie for us.


Cuskie boutique will be offering fans an opportunity to win free gift cards all through 12/31/09! So hurry on down for a big Black Friday sale.


Cuskie now ships to Canada people, so we too can spread some cuskie ho ho ho up north. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all.

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  1. Cuskie is pleased to announce that we now ship to Canada! Visit us today and start your holiday shopping early.


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