Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cutesy Girl

This is a site that is dedicated to fashion and every thing mouth watering, and all at low stealing prices. From shoes to bags and outfits, imagine it and you have it. That includes but not limited to Haute pumps, Sekci boots, Delycyous flats, Spyci wedges. Beaut tops, Fierce dresses, Fab gowns and Saci denims even Chik costumes (am not judging).

So am calling all  'Frugalistia Fashionistas'1! This is a call to shopping bags, for all 'Shopportunistic Fashonistas'2. I have been shopping on this website for a long time and kept it a secret, but guilty conscience does not let me wear my steals in peace, so here you have it people. A website 'flowing with milk and honey'; delicious 'milky' items at 'honey' sweet prices. So get going before they run out on your size, because they never have anything for too long, it always flies off the 'shelves'. So you see why I have kept it a secret for all this time, but no more my sisters and brothers in "Frugulistic Shopportinity". Now raise your credit cards to the stretching of your dollar to get more. Ciao

1. Frugalistia Fashionistas: Peaople who love to look good and save money all at the same time.
2. Shopportunistic Fashionistas: People who never let a good deal out of theri sight.

Pretty City

This site is all about three distinct things. Beauty, beauty and more beauty. If you want to attain a stress free beauty that looks like you are born with it, you have got to stick with these people. They know what they are doing, from advise and tips to events and latest buzz in beauty.
I personally love their Beauty Buzz page, it has so many tantalizing things; but also be sure to check out their Treatment trends also, it will get your heart singing. Well guys do not feel bad or left out, because this is one site that also has you in mind when they think of beauty. They have not only products for you but also advise on whats in a ladies heart about your looks.
So that been said, I do not know what you are still doing reading this and not already browsing their site. So shoo! shoo!! and go get yourselves some goodies.