Firebird Premium Bluetooth Headphones TALON V4.0 Wireless Sport Headphones

This is one of the best head sets I have ever used and that is including the Jabra brand. The sound is crisp and clear, volumes are greats and the noise canceling and isolation is stellar. The bass on this little guy, makes it not so little anymore, because it sure packs a wallop! The fit is another one of its main selling point with me, it fits comfortable to where you do not feel it in your ear just the cool sound of your music lets you know it there, and the grip to your ear canal is great as it does not slip out easily, meaning you can take this jogging, running or doing strenuous activities and not worry about the ear piece falling out.

I have used it with my Windows 10 laptop, Android smartphone and Apple iPad and its performance has been phenomenal. Now another thing that blew me away with this is the staying power of its battery life, out of box without charging I used it for 3hrs straight without it dying on me, id that is not quality, I wonder what is. To be honest when I first got this I thought its quality will be so-so, given that my benchmark for Bluetooth head sets is Jabra, but this has met and in some areas surpassed my set bench mark.

You can also use it to pick up and answer calls when it is connected to your phone, and the sound quality of the microphone makes for clear calls to your caller or the other call party. Another awesome feature is that it can be simultaneously pair with 2 different devices. So I use it to listen to music on my iPad, while it is also paired with my phone and receives calls from the phone; so when a call comes in, it pauses the music on mt iPad and puts the call through, and as soon as I am done with the call it automatically switches back to the iPad music and continues where it sopped.

So just a quick rundown of what you get with this purchase, it come in a small box of surprises. In it is the head set, a micro USB to USB charging cable and accessory ear bud cover, for customizable fit. The one I received is in a color black , and the packaging was neat and compact. This baby is light and you do not feel it even when you are not actively using it and it is just dangling around your neck. For me this is worth the price, because you are definitely getting quality sound. When it comes to music, listening equipment is very key, because good music can sound awful through the wrong channels.

Now the only drawbacks with this for me personally is the lack of a Bluetooth transceiver, so that you can use it with computers systems not equipped with in-built Bluetooth, and the lack of a charger head. Well the charger head is no big deal, as most devices we buy now come with detachable charger head and cable, so you can either charge your TALON V4.0 Wireless sport head set by connecting it to your laptop or using another device's charger head.

This gets my 5 star approval!

I received this product in exchange of a fair, honest and unbiased review. All view herein expressed are mine, honest, true and unbiased.

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