Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here once again, and if you are like me you are thinking of how to out do your last year holiday gifts and also out do others this year just like last year. The pressure this year is much more, but do not fret I have some good gift ideas that will wow.

Timeless Message
Nothing can really tell that special someone you really care about them when you give them a heart felt message, not just with a card but with more style and class.

Gift Basket Overseas
Is that loved one far away? No fears they can still be on your Christmas list. They deliver to over 60 countries world wide. So no matter how far your loved ones will still feel the love this holidays.

Personalized Letter from Santa Claus
The kids are not left out. We all remember when we were kids and the magic still existed for us, well we can keep the magic alive for the kids with a special personalized package from Sants himself.

Gifts anyone?
Do you do business with people in other countries, and you want to spread the holiday cheer to them? Then this is the place you need to be at. Corporate gift baskets that wow, and any style you want. They have it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello People

Hey all Nixiebrownie review readers. Thanks for taking the time to come look at my blog. Even as I spend time looking round the internet for great deals in fashion, home decor and kitchen decor I may not find everything. SO if you find any great site that you think should be featured here please email me @ I really appreciate your help. C ya all next posting.

Cuskie Boutique

Another great site to do your holiday shopping. It has great clothes, bags and accessories. Although not designer, look stunning at great prices.They are sporting some fabulous gowns and tops. They also have gift cards that range from $20 to $200. So if you go to the site and cannot make up your mind on which fabulous buy to give as a gift, why not leave it to the person to make the choice by giving them a Cuskie gift card (sure makes your job easier). One thing though is that Canadians are not included in the shipping provision, so sorry not Cuskie for us.


Cuskie boutique will be offering fans an opportunity to win free gift cards all through 12/31/09! So hurry on down for a big Black Friday sale.


Cuskie now ships to Canada people, so we too can spread some cuskie ho ho ho up north. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rue La La

Do I say Oh La La! another yummy site to stuff your face with. I found them on Facebook and ever since I cannot get enough. They have a lot of yummy tasty things that will leave you singing Oh la la, its Rue la la. They are like Gilt, Hautelook and the others but they go further than just clothe fashion into home decor and kitchen appliances. They have many designer brand at mouthwatering prices. They have sales that last a day and I think that they have a wait list, but am not sure yet. 

Right now till December 24 they are giving a free $10 credit towards the purchase of any thing on the site. With their great prices I say that goes a long way this holiday season, to giving the perfect gift that will wow all.

So get your Santa hats ready, because you will be the new Santa without breaking a sweat or your purse. 

So get inviting and share the LA LA this holiday season with your BFFs. A one of a kind invitation to front row sale of brand name products at sweet prices.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is a site that is blazing hawt! I stumbled along this site on one of my many web surfing ( that how I get my exercise). They have a lot of things that will get you in a shopping mood, because they are at great prices. From designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories to designer home decor, Make-up and cosmetics that will bring out the chic in you but at steal prices. Even men and kids are not left out. They operate like any sale site, with timed sales event. One thing I loved at a particular sale site was a feature they called 'wait list' that lets you get an invite once an item you were interested in, but was sold out ever becomes available. This I did not find on this site.

 Right now for every friend you refer that makes a purchase you get $10 credit towards the purchase of anything at the site.
So people lets get going now, because Valentine is not going to wait for you. So celebrate your love on a lower budget.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cutesy Girl

This is a site that is dedicated to fashion and every thing mouth watering, and all at low stealing prices. From shoes to bags and outfits, imagine it and you have it. That includes but not limited to Haute pumps, Sekci boots, Delycyous flats, Spyci wedges. Beaut tops, Fierce dresses, Fab gowns and Saci denims even Chik costumes (am not judging).

So am calling all  'Frugalistia Fashionistas'1! This is a call to shopping bags, for all 'Shopportunistic Fashonistas'2. I have been shopping on this website for a long time and kept it a secret, but guilty conscience does not let me wear my steals in peace, so here you have it people. A website 'flowing with milk and honey'; delicious 'milky' items at 'honey' sweet prices. So get going before they run out on your size, because they never have anything for too long, it always flies off the 'shelves'. So you see why I have kept it a secret for all this time, but no more my sisters and brothers in "Frugulistic Shopportinity". Now raise your credit cards to the stretching of your dollar to get more. Ciao

1. Frugalistia Fashionistas: Peaople who love to look good and save money all at the same time.
2. Shopportunistic Fashionistas: People who never let a good deal out of theri sight.

Pretty City

This site is all about three distinct things. Beauty, beauty and more beauty. If you want to attain a stress free beauty that looks like you are born with it, you have got to stick with these people. They know what they are doing, from advise and tips to events and latest buzz in beauty.
I personally love their Beauty Buzz page, it has so many tantalizing things; but also be sure to check out their Treatment trends also, it will get your heart singing. Well guys do not feel bad or left out, because this is one site that also has you in mind when they think of beauty. They have not only products for you but also advise on whats in a ladies heart about your looks.
So that been said, I do not know what you are still doing reading this and not already browsing their site. So shoo! shoo!! and go get yourselves some goodies.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gilt Groupe

This is a website that is strictly members only. It is a site that sells original designer labels at less than a fraction of the original price. They have products for men, women and kids. They also spot designer handbags, scarves, jewelry, ties, shoes, clothes and luggage. They also have great well known brand skincare products, perfume, cologne and make up cosmetics. They carry brands like Amrita Singh, Nina Ricci, Marc Jacob e.t.c. The way they work is they have slated sales date for these items, and have for a period of 24 to 48 hours, after which the sales end and the items are no longer available. So being a member and subscribing to their mailing list ensures the you always on top of your game, you know when sales or designers you are interested in on.

One thing that they have on this site that I love it their 'wait list' feature. It lets you get on a wait list if you attend a sale late and want something thats all gone. You get on the wait list and when next they have it in stock for sale you will be among the first to know. Registration on this site requires a credit card and they ship only to the U.S. They also allow returns of product. So if you are someone who loves good, high quality things at a steal, then this is your one good spot. Adios.

My Exclusive Spa

I just came across this website, and I think it is something great that both guys and ladies should checkout. Are you a Facebook junkie? A Myspace resident? Or a Twitter addict? Well if you are all these things then you need to check in to this website. This is an online skincare shop Dermalogica that has decided to take the online community one step further. Here for everything you do to participate in the community you get points, and these point can then be used to order samples of their products for free and for people in the U.S it come with free shipping. With this you can easily try a product before buying. So go try the site, try the products and decide for your self. Adieu.