Friday, May 20, 2016

ARCHEER Power Strip

ATOLLA Sports Armband

Anypro Ambient Diffuser

Anypro Zen Diffuser

Art Naturals Brush

Art Naturals bath bombs

Goronya 3 to 1 HDMI Splitter

Monday, January 18, 2016

Freebies Culled from Around the Net

Here are a couple freebies That I have culled from different sites. I will keep updating them regularly and if any those not work, let me know so I can take it down.

Free Philosophy Renewed Hope Cream Jar Sample:

Free Essential Oil Samples:

Free Bag of Lip product from Lip Monthly:

Free PG baby stuff:

Free Yoga Gear:

Free Garnier Whole Blends:

Free Body Shop Drop of Youth Deluxe size sample:

Free Skinade Sample:

Free Truvia Sample:

Free sample of Mijello watercolor paints:

For Canada Only

For New and Expecting Moms:

For Brides to Be:


Free Nasal Rinse Pot:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PinchMe Samples Live Now!

Pinch me samples just went live like 10 minutes ago. Follow this link to sign up and get yours now before they are all gone. Not sure what Pinch me is all about? Just go to Youtube type pinchme haul or un-boxing and see what other people are getting with Pinch Me. Also refer to my post on 'How to get started with freebies" I mentioned this in that post along with other site from which to get free stuff.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Free Credit Card Reader

Running your own business, home-based business, a DSA business or just sell things or your own craft can be hard and difficult most of the time. Even if you are a great sales person most times you come across things you cannot help. An example of this is when you have successfully sold someone something, but they do not have the physical cash available to make the purchase and you know you cannot reach this potential customer again. One great thing is that most of these people do carry their credit cards or debit cards with them! Now how do you convince them to go with you to an ATM to withdraw the funds? Now what if you could receive the payment right there with their credit card without going to an ATM? Well you can with the Square Credit Card Reader, it is small, simple, chic and convenient to use anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is plug it into your smartphone or tablet, download the app and you are good to go. Now you can receive both credit and debit (for US only) card payment on-the-go and on-the-spot. Now for a limited time you can get the stripe only credit card reader absolutely free with free shipping, plus get $1000 or 6 months free processing of payments with no monthly or annual charge (which ever comes first). The stripe reader is not the only one available, but the only one free, they also have a small stripe and chip reader for about $25, a contact-less NFC tech and chip reader that accepts apple pay for just $50, and a POS stand for tablets like iPad, Samsung Galaxy and LG G pad for $100. If you are looking to setup a store the stand is compatible with many cash drawer and scanner. Now not only can you pitch a sale but also close it, you can even hold pop-up sales event, on location display and sales event and host house parties where physical cash is not a major requirement. To get this click here

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to get started with freebies

Welcome to my first post of this year. Some of the things I will be sharing in this post are what I wish someone had told me when I first started my sampling, freebies and free money journey. If you start this with out some guide as to what is what, you may end up in scams and lose money instead of getting it. I will discuss these things in phases over many post, and keep updating new ones and changes to programs. So keep checking here for many ways to save and get free things.

 Sampling Sites 
There are many sites that give people free products to sample or try. I will be listing them and also explaining how they work.

Sample Source
Sample Source members get the chance to "try before you buy" - with free samples from top home, health, makeup, and food products. Why? So you can make smart shopping decisions! Only registered members get access to samples.

Step 1
Register a free account (you can log-in with this every time)

Step 2
Answer some profile questions so they get to know you (it helps to find samples you may be interested in)

Step 3
As soon as more samples are available they will email you, so you can log-in to pick what you would like to try!

then they ship them to you absolutely free so you can "try before you buy" and make smart shopping decisions! That's it. That's all. Pretty easy don't you think?

Social Nature
Social Nature is dedicated to helping people make greener choices. As a member of Social Nature community, you'll get to try greener choices like organic deodorants, vegan mascara, healthy snacks and eco-friendly cleaners for FREE. In return, you share your opinion with the community, and if you liked the product, invite your friends, fans and followers to try it! To join click here

Pinchme is a sampling site that send out full size samples of product to their member from time to time. They give everything from personal care, pet products, household cleaning products, food, and sometimes tech stuff. To sign up now click here. They have samples going out on 12th Jan 2016 by 12pm EST. It is a first come first serve!

Pink Panel
Pink Panel is another sampling site. They do not send out samples in a cycle, but just as soon as they have a product for sampling and testing. They give more of health and beauty products, to sign up click here. For a higher chance of being chosen, you have to be referred by and existing member, so when signing up select that you are being referred by an existing Pink Panel member and enter Nkiru Odunukwe .

Everyday Sample
This is a company site that is giving out baby samples free. Their available sample now contains baby wipes, baby bath and laundry product and some supplements. They are all sample sized, to get this click here.

 Product Review Sites 

Product review sites are sites that look for people who will try products and then spread the word about the about the product they received by writing reviews and posting on social media. Here are some of them

Bzz Agent
Bzz Agent is a word-of-mouth (WOM) AD campaign site. They hold campaigns regularly, where chosen members of the Bzz community get free full size products, from household cleaners, food, appliances and cosmetics to try for free and review and spread the word, the Bzz boxes also contains coupons for more of the product to be given to friends and family. If you want to start receiving your click here

This is a product review site, where members review products they have used. Every now and then active members are chosen to receive full size product to try and review. It come in two categories, the first is a brand sample and the other is their famous Voxbox program. In their Voxbox, people chosen get 7-8 full size products to try and review. To sign up simply click here

Luuux is a micro blogging site where you write relevant articles and you get paid also you can use the money you earn on that site to buy products on the site. You also get paid every time people read your blog article. To sign up and start earning now simply click here

Klout is a lot like influenster, that takes into consideration your social media sphere of influence and your rate of activity on them. So the higher your Klout score the more Klout Perks you get and they are boxes of full sized products from many companies. to sign up click here.

Swaggable gives you a fun and easy way to discover and try interesting new products for free, and share your finds with others. Sound good? If you like trying and discovering new products, and companies launching new products are looking for the right people to try them. It sounds like a perfect match, but it’s been hard for these companies to find the right consumers to try their products, get feedback or drive reviews. That’s where Swaggable comes in. They connect you with free samples of new products that you’re interested in trying and give you an easy way to share these new experiences, through reviews and coupons. To signup click here.

Chick Advisor
This is another product review site, that has a sampling program. To be eligible to apply to review free products when you sign up, you must review 3 products you have used in the past. To register for this panel click here. They have a current product for review, the Maybelline Deam Velvet Foundation here.

 Rebates / Cash-back Sites 
Rebate site and cash-back sites are sites that offer you money back for buy the things you regularly buy. Some products when bought in store offer rebates of either full or partial value, but rarely do you see them for online purchases. These sites offer that you consumers now, here are a few I know.

We all love rebates, but sometimes what we want to buy is online or has no rebate offer, Well that is why we have Ebates. Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. To join and start earning and also get a free $5 to start you off click here.

Product Testing Sites
Product testing sites are almost the same as sampling and review sites, but the only difference is that as opposed to the others wanting you to tell as many people as you can, posting it everywhere that you received the product, testing sites require secrecy and non-disclosure of the product you are testing. Sometimes you get to keep the products you test, other times you return it and get rewarded another way. Here are some that I know of.

This is mainly a tech product testing site. They offer from hardware to software, you get request to test smartphone, eletronics, apps and websites. Beta testers try out and give feedback on hundreds of products each year from some of the biggest names in techTo get started, you'll need to create an account and complete your member profile. Once that's done you can apply for available beta tests. You'll also start receiving emails about upcoming beta tests that are relevant to you, so you can apply quickly for the ones that interest you. To sign up click here.