ELECLOVER 500lumen SCUBA LED Submarine Light Diving Safety Flashlight Underwater Torch Waterproof CREE Lamp


I have been wanting to review this product. I am very much in awe of its luminosity strength. When it was delivered I was wondering what it was, because it came in a case that was clipped down tight, as you can see in the pictures. The beam on this is strong and I can see it cutting a swath in the inky darkness of under water diving. As for its claims on being water proof, you bet I put that to the test. I filled my tub with water, closed my bathroom door and turned off the light. I twisted on the flashlight and dropped it in the tub. Lo and behold to my utter amazement, it lit up my whole bathroom, underwater and stay on for the whole half hour I left it on till I brought it out. It was no wonder the battery on opening the flashlight was dry as stone. I have come now to associate quality with this seller, as every product I have ever got from them has been stellar in terms of quality and durability.

This flashlight comes in an water proof case; in the case you have the flashlight, it battery that is slightly bigger than a AA and has the power of 3 AAA. Also in the box is a plastic casing for the battery, a battery charger, a AAA battery holder and the lanyard.

I strongly recommend this for those into under water sport or hobby, if you are a camping or survival enthusiast, or just for general home use. This gets my 5 stars.

I received this product in exchange of a fair, honest and unbiased review. All view herein expressed are mine, honest, true and unbiased.

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