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Rumors of God

When I first saw the title of this book, I thought it was a book that I might not relate to. Then as I started to read right from the very first pages, I felt a fire starting to ignite in my soul, I felt it call out to my spirit man not to be dormant any longer. I was so challenged by the nominal and mundane way I viewed the thing of God. I felt stripped by this book, like my farce of Christian living was brought to light and unlike the people referred to in the scriptures I did not want to shy away from this probing light, rather I embraced it. I was made to examine my heart and mind, I really question some of the things I held on to as seemingly the Christian thing to do. It drew me back to what God really wanted from us as Christians and not what we think we ought to do. How we judge people due to our own failings, and ignoring the practical love of Christ we are asked to share.

This book is a must read for every Christian out there who is interested in a real practical Christian life. If you are looking for a closer relationship with God, not indulging in any type of hypocrisy, pickup this book and it will help you get started. 

A Vision of Lucy

Lovely book, really enjoyed it. A vision of Lucy by Margaret Brownley is a tale of an spirited, determined, visionary young woman named Lucy Fairbanks. Lucy is a young woman who lives in the 1880's and loves photography, she lives and breaths photography and wants to make it her profession. Not an easy task for a woman  ahead of her time in 1882. Klutzy. That's what you'd call Lucy, unfortunately Lucy is prone to trouble and trouble follows Lucy wherever she goes. First time we meet Lucy, she fell out of a tree taking a photograph and fell in the middle of a stagecoach robbery. This is how she meets  the rugged, reclusive David Wolf Rocky Creek's Wild Man, half white and half Indian and rejected by both societies. The book goes on to follow Lucy on here journey to pursuing her dreams. With the help of God and David Wolf she would go on to achieve what is nearly the impossible in her time.

I really enjoyed reading this book. This is a quick, good read. It was really interesting and fun, that’s how I feel after reading A Vision for Lucy, and discovering that this author is full of humor.  It starts out slow but after a few chapters it kept me interested in what was going to happen. Although it is the third book in a series, it stands alone well. 

Margaret Brownley does a great job of creating these relate to, yet are larger-than-life characters in some respects that ultimate have you laughing out loud and rooting for themIn her character Lucy, Margaret captures your attention, in the struggles of a young Christian woman trying to break the mold, yet yield to GOD. It is an inspiring book, that still relates some of the core problems people face when trying to be different from the crowd.

The Sacred Journey

"Sacred Journey" is part of the "Ancient Practices Series" and even though I had not read the other titles I was still able to get the main message of this book in the series. This book is about pilgrimage either as an intentional departure from regular life to trek on an actual pilgrimage or as how our very lives can be a pilgrimage if we plan about it. The book includes stories from the writer's many experiences as a pilgrim and also tidbits from the experiences of other pilgrims of other religions. The writing is excellent, the thoughts clear and easy to read.

That said, I did not like the book. I did not like the style, the humor, the sarcasm, the irreverence, nor the free flowing mix of criticism of Christianity and adulation of pagananism. I found it very unpalatable at times. I found it downright sacrilegious at other times. I found it almost anti-Christian at still other times. I must admit that by the end of the book I was quite annoyed with the implied superiority that I believed was coming through his words. It struck me as interesting that his last chapter dealt with that exact comment from one of his friends.

Well, as we all know everyone has a different perception point. Others have read this book and come out of the experience with a deeper spiritual understanding. So this is my take on this book, you may want to decided for your self

Max on Life

Max on Life is a great book that is packed full of Holy Spirit inspired answers on things that Christians face everyday. It covers issues and questions on sex, faith, eternity, marriage, loss and money. This book is a must have for every Christian home and person. This book gives answers that are backed by quoted scriptures, making it a study guide leading you to the perfect scripture for every situation or issue handled in the book.

This is a great resource for those who are seeking answers to things not always addressed on Sunday service, Max on Life is the book for you. While reading this book it opened my eyes and answered questions I did not even know bothered me. It is one of my most used books I recommend it to people I counsel.

Max Lucado is one of the most trusted Holy-spirit led writers of our time. He is someone I call a life whisperer, one of the few Christian writers I look up to as a mentor. Max Lucado is a prolific author who has written so many great books that have been a blessing to many. I greatly recommend him as an author to invest in.


The Final Summit

In this sequel to The Traveler's Gift Andy Andrews (author of The Noticer) spun a very intriguing plot.  Here the hero has come back to save the world against all odds. We rejoin David Ponder 28 years later, after The Traveler’s Gift, with every thing settled and the loss of what he cherishes the most, David feels unhappy and is contemplating the same thing he did 28 years ago. Unknown to David it is now that he is needed more than ever. After a visit from an angel David sets on his quest with help from great historical figures along the way.

This is one of my best reads this summer, it is a tale that pulls you in and it inspires you to get moving. If you have ever felt at you lowest or at a point where you no longer can recognize your purpose or calling in life, this is a great book for you.  It is a great book that should be read by everyone, it contains a message that is greatly needed in our time.

Andy Andrews really has become one of the great writers like C.S Lewis, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.  In this book Andy Andrews addressed one of the major issues facing the world today. Many of us see the same issues but Andy challenges us to get moving and act.


The Map: The Way of All Great Men 

David Murrow's book The Map is a must read for every Christian man. It is a book where fiction and non-fiction are fused in to this seamless attention grabbing story. The story is in two parts, the first part is a fictional journey in which there is a fun spy story with lots of interesting parables that introduces the second half of the book. It is not a book that is age specific but can be enjoyed by both young and old. David Murrow in this book brings the Bible into a practical everyday understanding. It reveals a long-ignored life pattern found in the Gospel of Matthew, thus book can help you not only in walk of faith but in dealing with others as a leader, for men and women. I have enjoyed this book and would encourage everyone to go get a copy, if not for yourself the n for a friend  or family member. Shalom, Maranatha.


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Unlocking Divine Doors

This is a book that has changed my life, it seriously changed my way of thinking. Before reading this book I did not know so many things that were mine as a believer, as a child of God. Now not only do I know what is my inheritance I also know what to do to release it unto myself. This is a must read for any true christian and new christian, because you can not claim what you do not know is yours or get by doing the wrong things. Invest in this and you will be piling treasures for yourself in heaven. Shalom, Maranatha.


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