Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY Projects:A Funky Braid Hairstyle.



It’s hard to tell all the details from the picture, but here’s how TRESemme Stylist Elsa Canedo pulled it off:
1. Create a middle part and divide hair into sections.
2. Prep each section with curl spray, then curl using a 1-inch-barrel curling iron and pin to the head.
3. Once all sections are completed, take out the pins and brush the curls with a paddle brush.
4. Flip your head upside down and spray dry shampoo throughout hair for added texture, lightly combing the product through with your fingers.
5. Flipping your head upright, divide hair into two sections down the middle of the head, and begin to create two French braids, starting at the top of the head to the base of the neck.
6. From the base of the neck, create two fishtails braids, and secure them with clear elastics, leaving some length on the ends loose.
7. Lightly rough up hair at the top of the head, pulling a few pieces loose with your fingers, and finish by lightly applying frizz cream in a backward motion.
Are you now thinking, How am I going to pull this off? Admittedly, it’s definitely quite the undertaking. I’m not sure my fingers (or my patience!) are up to the task, but if you pull it off, we simply must see a photo, so send one along! 

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