Friday, January 7, 2011


This is my first post for this year and would like to say Happy New Year to all my visitors. As we go into the new year with all our resolutions and what not, let us not do things that set us up for failure. The economy is slowly but surely reviving, but till it does have great fashion for less is still fashionable. Even celebrities cut down spending.

On to a more fun part, the latest trends for 2011are here. Most Fashion magazines are agog with the latest trends, designers are debuting there new season collections and what not. We just finished enjoying London fashion week and waiting for more, we are looking forward to the Awards of the year to see what our favorite stars will grace the red carpet with. All these we do because we aspire to emulate the unquestionable good fashion sense, right?

We have all probably read one fashion magazine or the other and know what the trending colors and styles are. In all of that we should not forget that 'yes it is good to be fashionably forward' but not everyone is made the same, so some people might not be able to pull of the trends and styles of a particular season. So what to do?

When any new trend arises, the best thing is to pick some of your best existing outfits and go to your favorite shopping spot (where you get all the fabulous discounts, of up to 70% off ) and mash and blend your existing wardrobe with the new trends and styles. Never do all the new trends in one outfit! Also you do not have to adopt all the new trends, just the ones you feel comfortable with or can mesh with you existing wardrobe.

So to all my fashionistas out there have a fashion forward year!


  1. Dearest Nkiru,

    Glad I finally found you so I can follow you back.
    I'm no longer on Lookeville; the language there was not what I adhere to.
    Wish you all the best!



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