Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dolce Fugo

Oh my! oh my!! oh my!!! I saw a site that has me all atingle today. I came across this treasure on Twitter.com  and was so excited that i had to tell you. I my dear fashionistas am talking about none other than Dolce Fugo. 
Now a trip around this site is like being an kid and tripping in a candy store. so many nice things that you could treat your self to after you have been good. I mean it only good boys and girls can treat themselves to this goodies. S o make sure you have not cheated on your diet, skipped gym or cut any corners to looking fabulous. So go on down goody two shoes and have a blessed treat of decadent shopping you have earned a right to fell a little naughty, because at these prices you would feel naughty, but for you naughty ones I have something equally good for you that after you will feel good.

Latest news on the site is:
Ta ta, happy shopping.

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